Today I am trying some of the many pies that you can get at Ocean City's own Manco & Manco Pizza.


On today’s “Business Spotlight,” we’re visiting the flagship Manco & Manco Pizza located at 900 Boardwalk here in Ocean City.

Since 1956, Manco & Manco has been serving pizzas at four different locations in Ocean City and Somers Point, New Jersey. At this location, which has seating for over 200 people, Rich tells me that they are able to serve more than just pizza, serving up delicious fried foods and wings as well.

Dave shows me how they make their Chicken Bacon Ranch, Barbecue, and Buffalo Pizzas. Made with fresh ingredients and fresh dough created daily, Dave makes the pizza by eye, piling on the cheese and other toppings. To see how he takes these simple ingredients and makes a delicious pizza pie, you can watch above starting at 2:00.

“You can visit any one of their four locations daily for yourself to try their delicious creations.”

I had the opportunity to try all three pizzas and can confidently say that they are amazing. Everything is cooked to perfection. You can visit any one of their four locations for yourself to try their creations. To find the location nearest you as well as their hours, you can visit their website. To prepare yourself for what you want to try, you can browse their menu ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.