Where can you get a grilled cheese full of homemade goodness? Here at Soma Cafe.


One of my favorite parts of being a Realtor is that I’m constantly out and about, interacting with our community. Today, to get a taste of our fine local eateries, I went to visit another local restaurant and see what they’re all about. Today I’m at Soma Cafe for this episode of “Business Spotlight.”

With comfort food, a healthy twist, and cool vibes, Soma Cafe in downtown Ocean City is the place to be. But first of all, what does “Soma” even mean? I sat down with the owner, Sam, to get some answers.

Soma is an acronym, standing for Simple, Organic, Mindful Alignment. It describes both the food as well as the restaurant’s space itself. After living abroad for a few years, Sam returned and wanted to provide something unique to Ocean City—and unique is definitely a good way to describe the selection of food.

“I really wanted to make something that has choices for everybody.”

“I really wanted to make something that has choices for everybody,” Sam explained in regard to the menu. Soma Cafe offers options for vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers; there’s something for everyone. There are also a variety of great coffees to enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most popular items at the cafe, the Soma Grilled Cheese is made of organic whole-grain bread, homemade spreads (hummus, whipped goat cheese, ginger dressing), feta cheese, and some veggies. The cheeses are not only delicious but also healthier alternatives to normal grilled-cheese fare. After a quick grill on a panini press, the Soma Grilled Cheese is ready to be devoured.

If you find yourself in downtown Ocean City, the Soma Cafe is definitely a place you’ll want to check out. You can find their menu and hours here. Stop in for some great food, great vibes, and a great atmosphere.

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